Week programme of the ESF partner meeting CONNEXT for Inclusion in Ghent on March 2019 for participants. Programme for the steering group can be found here. Tips for visiting Ghent can be found here

Part 1: Training S_U+G Serious Urban Game ®

Monday, March 18th – Gamification training I


Welcome: coffee and welcome speech


Get to know each other


Play the introduction game ‘Go Serious’


Discussion after the game


Lunch break


How to become a GameMaster of the game #WORK™


Round-up for the day

Tuesday, March 19th – Gamification training II


How to handle a group?


How to debrief the game properly? How to lead the discussion after the game?


Lunch break


Introduction ‘Business Angels’ by playing the game


Most Significant Change: presentation and exercise on these 2 days  

Wednesday, March 20th – Gamification training III


Expert Meeting: LearningLab / expert meeting on the ESF-game in development


Lunch break

Part 2: Field Visits

Wednesday, March 20th (afternoon)

14h – … 3 Options


Option 1 (Suggestion for Flanders) – requires bus ticket

Prevention of early school leaving

vzw aPart in Ghent

14h – 18h

13h45 – 15h30

15h45 – 17h00

17h- 18h

Option 2 (Suggestion for Finland) – requires train ticket

Sport for inclusion: Conference in Brussels

Community sport and social inclusion: Scientific insights for policy

  • Speakers: Marc Theeboom, Hebe Schaillée, Rudi Roose and Sara Willlems

  • Language: English

Policy implications from an international perspective

  • Speakers: Christian Christrup Kjeldsen (Denmark), Fred Coalter (United Kingdom), Guy Kegels (Belgium), Marc Theeboom (Belgium) and Ramon Spaaij (Australia/the Netherlands)

  • Language: English

Networkdrink on Congres fair


Option 3 (Suggestion for Sweden) – requires bus ticket

Integration in the labour market of refugees

Options: Ateljee, Refu-Interim, service center social economy OCMW Gent

Part 3: Network day

Thursday, March 21st – Network day

8h30 or 9h30 – … 3 options

8h30 – 15h

10h00 to 12h00

12h to 13h30

15h15 of 15h23

Option 1 (follow-up yesterday) (Suggestion for Finland) – requires train ticket

Meeting at the train station Ghent Sint-Pieters at 8h20 (train at 8h37)

Participation in Sport congress – Brussels

Scientific insights for practitioners

Speakers: Shana Sabbe, Karen Van der Veken, Pieter Debognies

Lunch and visit sport fair

Brussels – European Youth health Congres – focus on sports

Examples of good practices and peer-to-peer education

Train back to Ghent Sint-Pieters


Coffee @ Artevelde


Option 2

Keynote speaker: Sarah Neyt

position of school dropouts in Flanders and how the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training and local actors deal with it.

10h – 12h

Option 3

2 Keynote  Luc Vanden Berge

Position of migrants and refugees on the Flemish labour market and how (loca)l authorities and ngo’s deal with it


Lunch break

2 options

13h30 – 16h30

Option 1

Keynote Speaker: Louise Van Couillie

Expert VDAB newcomers, migrants and refugees

VDAB: public employment services, training and career guidance.

Expert round tables on labour market and prevention of early school leaving – sharing good practices – world café

1st round table experts prevention of early school leaving

14h30- 15h20: 2nd round table (mixed groups)

15h30- 16h20: 3rd round table (new mixed group)

Experts – external participants:

1.OCMW Eeklo, projectmanager youth Yentl Francois

2.De Stap Gent, project Word Wijs – Marjan Coussens

3.TAJO, Talent workshops for vulnerable teenagers – Claudia van Egmond

4.Schoolspotters Gent – Eva Poesmans

5.Hack your future – Maïté Cluydts

6.Duo for a job – Marion Cahen

7.A-team Groep intro – trajectory towards work of new EU-citizens – Lise Raman

8.OCMW Gent – Work Space refugees – Jolien Leyman

16h30 – …

Reception with drinks and snacks (location: Kattenberg 9, Gent)