On this page we will put all of the input, theories, presentations etc concerning the development of the new transnational CONNEXT Game.

Thank you all so much for all of your input in the first LearningLab on 20/3/19!!!

The presentation of this lab can be found here: LL CONNEXT GAME – partnerweek Ghent presentation

All input that was added during and after the session can be found in the padlet of this session here:

Feel free to use the input from this lab for the creation of your own CONNEXT games. Also, please add your expert voice or any other thoughts concerning this lab or the development of the CONNEXT game(s) on this same padlet.

Some links on the theories that were introduced during the lab: Self-Determination Theory and Process Communication Model:

Any other questions, remarks, input, links or suggestions you might have you can always send us through mail or you can add through the form here:

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